Move fast. Stay wild.

You may well be here to find out about us - and how we approach brand strategy and marketing innovation - but the most important thing to us isn’t a thing, it’s you. So let’s start there.

The type of company you’re building
If your company is doing these three things then we are building a company for you: you’re building a product or a company on the Internet, you sell directly to your customers, and you own the customer experience.
You are a company of the future, you can move as quickly as we can, you are experiment-minded, and you are often the type of company the world needs more of.
To call you a “tech company” misses the point because companies like this are in every sector. Yes, SaaS, mobile gaming, e-commerce, and social media companies are kin but you could also exist in fashion, finance, travel, health, CPG, and media.

Why you’re thinking about working with us
You’re heavily focused on the left-brain stuff - product, user acquisition, media optimization, operations and logistics. If you're anything like many of the companies we work with you have to prioritize this company-building work and perhaps you have an internal creative team but you yearn for extra creativity. You just don't want to get caught up in a large agency and unnecessary bloat or work with people who don't take time to learn the product or understand your culture.

How the conversation often starts

These are our five most common starting points.

"We aren't clear about what we do or for whom."

You’ve been focused on the left-brain stuff and company building or you’ve grown so quickly that you have an urban sprawl of messaging and you’re not sure any of it is really working.

"We don't understand our customers well enough."

In the rush to turn a product into a company, it's easy to make assumptions about your customers. Offices are cozy.

"We have a lot of skills in-house but we need to step it up a notch."

You’ve assembled a small team and you’re getting on top of the basics but you know you can do more, catch more attention, and create a better customer experience.

"We just want to be surprised."

Whether you’ve cobbled together freelancers, an internal team, or you’ve worked with agencies, this is a common comment. You are creating something that isn’t obvious and you don’t want to settle for obvious ideas.

"We need to do a better job of communicating across the entire customer journey."

You’re likely encouraging engineers, product managers, and marketing to work more closely together - it always sounds easier than it is - and you need help breaking down some of the silos and habits.

If this is you, then we’d love to learn more but if you’d like to learn more about us, well, that's what the rest of this piece of Internet is for.