Approach (how we run in the wild)

While we do structure how we work based on what you need, the heart of what we do is reflected in a little anagram, M.I.C.E. Our principles are to ensure that outside thinking and humanity are reflected in what your company does, to create momentum from day one, to get you to provocative ideas (whether we are working side by side with you or from afar) and to work without bloat.

M. is for Map

We start by mapping 
what's out there. This activity can cover consumer behavior (social, buying), press coverage, cultural trends, retailers, community interactions, competitors’ strategies, 
as well as your own 
brand’s behavior. We aren't in the business of long, word-y decks - we favor visual proof because it's easier to understand and leads quickly to creative ideas.

I. is for Imagine

With data in hand and depending on the project’s needs, we then clarify 
the key business and communications challenges, audience personas, 
brand strategy/purpose, creative campaign and content ideas and more.

C. is for Commit

We then galvanize internal and collaborating teams around the thinking, establish measurement frameworks and optimization techniques… and get the thinking out into the wild.

E. is for Experiment

With solid foundations and hypotheses in place, everything that comes is an experiment. We help establish target goals, ideas, and execution. 

Nothing is ever finished.