Values (the main ingredient)

Because values are the best thing to automate and the only things that keep us together.

A love of the wild

Everything we do ensures that brands have more humanity. And while many new ways of looking at the world come from within, we believe the best ideas come from loving what's out there - finding interesting behaviors, needs, and pain-points, as well as shifts in culture. Forage away.

A commitment to practice

Having worked in many different agencies, we know that we can't control everything. But we can try to control our attitude toward everything. And one of the best ways to do this is to treat everything as an opportunity to practice - to try something new and to improve. It leads to better work and more engaged people.


If your money and reputation were on the line, What Would You Do? It's easy for people to sit in an agency and philosophize about things - this question is about conviction in the right things.

A contempt for noise

If there's a way to do something more simply, to work smarter, to reduce bloat, choose that way. Not all speaking or meetings or distractions are bad but let's devise ways to work that serve ideas over personalities and hierarchies.

Living in the unobvious

Some of the best books on strategy are books on writing. And one principle that writing books emphasize is this: If someone has written it like that before, write it differently. Nobody hires us for the obvious. They hire us for what comes after that.